With over 20 years of experience, we have repaired semi trailers on the road, and built
the mixing tank for Leer camper tops.

Machine building, structural welding, trailer repair we have done it all!

Portable service truck, with a portable welder, portable air compressor, portable
plasma cutter.

Certified 3G and 4G welding

Custom handrails fabed, and installed

Capabilities, Aluminum and Stainless tig welding, in shop and portable.
CNC Plasma table 4'x8' .75" capability
80 Ton 10' Brake
2400 Amp stud welder, shop or portable
Bar shearing .75"X 3" MAX CUT
Band saw 9"x12"
Hardfacing, and spray arc welding.
Structural welding, stick, flux, and wire.
Air arc gouging
Plasma cutting, in shop and portable. 1" cutting capability.
Tire repair, and road repair, both semi truck and RV, and utility trailer.